Our Story

Library Design Co. is a perfectly imperfect collection of pattern, color and texture brought together for a purpose.

A library is a personal collection, constantly evolving to include fresh ideas and interests - nodding to the old while inviting in the new, timeless and timely.

  • During a time of creative re-set in 2022 I put on my professor hat, teaching university students studying abroad in Italy, in a tiny town atop a mountain in Tuscany.

    The literal setting of Under the Tuscan Sun, pinch me

  • After working for nearly ten years in design, I took this time to absorb, notice and observe.

    Afternoon light hits the printmaking studio

  • A few core themes came back again and again. I had a vision for how these concepts could be the basis for a new collection, a new library of designs.

    Library Design Co. was born

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Core Themes

Simple things put together in interesting ways to create a new way of thinking

Perfectly Imperfect

Crooked streets, wonky wheels and patched walls. The hand of the artisan is alive and thriving.

Interplay of color and texture

Layers of color, materials and time intermingle, each adding a voice to the conversation.

Patterns on patterns

The striped facade of Duomo di Orvieto in Tuscany is made from alternating colors of marble. It sparked an idea that simple patterns create complex and interesting visuals when stacked.

Curated Color Story

Town records in Siena collected over hundreds of years tell the perfect color story, a reminder of beauty in the everyday.

Timeless and timely

A simple tile floor laid in the 1500's feels both classic and modern.

Giving Back

A portion of our proceeds go towards supporting literacy and arts education for those in need.

We currently partner with Million Little, an organization that helps engage, connect and empower the most vulnerable and underserved youth to heal through creative exploration.